Why Greek Life?

Going into formal sorority recruitment my freshman year I was feeling excited for what was ahead. Prior to coming to Ohio University I was always envious of my friends who had older sisters in sororities, but I was even more jealous of my friends that had sisters. I grew up with one younger brother, so my best friends had always filled the “sister” void that I was missing but wanted so desperately. I had always looked forward to being in a sorority because I knew with it would come lifelong friends and memories. However, what I’ve found in Greek Life and my sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, is more than what I thought was possible going into recruitment.

I can remember walking into each sorority house the first day smiling from ear to ear, antsy to talk to all of the amazing women and find out where my “home” would be for the next four years. Throughout the rounds I discovered that each chapter had their own amazing qualities and even more amazing women that completed their sisterhood. I didn’t know how I’d ever decide on one particular house to call home, but I knew I had to “trust the process” like my Rho Gammas kept repeating - whatever that was supposed to mean! When I walked through the big, blue doors of Alpha Delta Pi I realized that this house felt different for me. There was an energy about the house that radiated, and I felt as though each woman genuinely cared for who I was, where I came from, and where I wanted to go. I had found my why for ADPi.

Alpha Delta Pi has given me so many of my best friends. What I love most about these friendships are their authenticity. Through ADPi I’ve learned what genuine friendships are supposed to be like. These friendships have allowed me to grow and have more of these authentic relationships throughout Greek Life as a whole. Alpha Delta Pi has given me the opportunity to travel to Chicago for a leadership conference with sisters from all over the country where I learned more about the type of leader and woman I wanted to become. This is something that I learned cannot happen by myself. I needed my sisters and my Greek Life community to help. I’ve learned that I can always count on my sisters to help me with homework during study tables or during late nights in the kitchen, but I can also count on them to distract me with Wii nights in the basement or jam sessions on the porch or top deck when I’m stressing myself out.

I could go on and on about #whyadpi and why going Greek was the best decision that freshman year me made, but this blog would never end. If I wouldn’t have gone through formal sorority recruitment my freshman year, I would’ve missed out on so many amazing opportunities and friendships that will now last a lifetime. I am forever grateful for the women of this community, and I hope that you sign up for recruitment and experience your #whyadpi like I did. As Alpha Delta Pi’s Director of Formal Recruitment and a member of the Greek community at Ohio University, I can only hope that the impact that Greek Life will make on your life will be one that you will treasure forever.

No matter the letters, we all rock together.

-Kennedy Dauphin, Alpha Delta Pi