When I thought of the word “value” before I joined a sorority, the word held little importance to me. Now that I have been in a sorority for almost two years, values are so much bigger than just a word or phrase. Values are how you weave your way through life and what make you strive to be a better person. They help distinguish what is important to you and what is not. Values can help differentiate a group or bring people together: like in a sorority.

Gamma Phi Beta has four core values that represent what we, as a whole, believe guide us through life. The values include love, labor, learning, and loyalty. Although all are equally important, loyalty is what sticks out the most to me ever since I learned about the core four.

The meaning of the value “loyalty” can range depending on the person. Loyalty can mean sticking to soccer or musical theater for so many years because you have such a passion for that hobby. Loyalty can also mean standing by a person through the good times but also the bad, even when it gets tough. Loyalty in a sorority is coming to your sisterhood’s chair event that she worked so hard to put on or being there for a sister who needs a shoulder to cry on because of a crappy significant other. Being loyal can be big or small but both equally important. Loyalty is not only just supporting your own organization, but supporting other student organizations on campus, including multicultural Greek philanthropy events. 

As we are all aware, college is no easy walk through College Green, so knowing that if I would ever need the support of one sister or twenty, I have it, is what makes college a little easier. If I am having a not so great day after failing an exam, knowing that I can vent to my sisters who are always there to listen and support me from the house on East State Street lifts my mood.

Gamma Phi has provided me with an unforgettable amount of memories, laughs, tears, leadership opportunities, and sisters for life. Ranging from fun times like themed date parties, Bachelor Mondays in the movie room, Donkey study sessions, and Taco Tuesday dinner at the house with churros, it has so much to offer. The times when a sister lost a parent or grandparent, countless breakups, fire alarms going off morning and night, and bad mental health days are times where we got to show just how loyal to one another we are. 

There are a variety of reasons for why women join a sorority, but the thing in common that we all share is wanting a sense of togetherness with a loyal group that accepts us for who we are. 

So, I encourage women who want to find a loyal girl group of their own, to go greek. 

-Leah Lindemann, Gamma Phi Beta