social distancing activity ideas

Updated: Apr 18

2020 has been nothing short of challenging - and now, with the COVID-19 virus forcing colleges to close their doors for the remainder of spring semester, it can feel like nothing is going right.

However, these are the times when we, as Panhellenic women, have the greatest opportunity to showcase our tenacity and values by helping others.

Below are some ideas for productive things to do for sisters and your community during social distancing that don't require putting yourself or others at risk.

1. Get a pen pal. The Greek community is now offering a pen pal program for its members to use this time to build relationships with one another. You can fill out the interest form at this link:

2. Do a closet clean-out. What better time to try on old clothes and pack up things that don't fit your style anymore than now? Take a day to sort through clothes that you've been meaning to discard to make room for new pieces. Most importantly, pack up the ones you don't want anymore to be donated to those in need.

3. Boost your GPA. Though the thought of schoolwork may not be pleasant, this is a great distraction-free time to focus hard on your courses and boost your GPA. Utilize the time that would have been spent in club meetings or with friends to study for your online classes.

4. Do a self-care day. Paint your nails, put on a face mask, or use the bath bomb you've been meaning to try out. Self-care is extremely important in battling mental health issues such as anxiety and depression which may be aggravated during uncertain times like these. Take care of yourself!

5. FaceTime sisters. We are all in a sorority because of the love and happiness our sisterhoods bring us. Though we may not be on campus, now is no time to cut off communication with your sisters! Give sisters a call to boost your mood and reflect on the good times while we wait for things to get back to normal.

-Olivia Hersman, WPA PRVP