Meet a Panhellenic Woman!

Updated: Apr 18

Quickly, I have learned the importance of being involved in a community you care deeply about. The Women’s Panhellenic Association at Ohio University is an organization that has positively shaped me into the person I am. Writing, sharing, and being honest, are 3 things I hold close to my heart; I believe them to be the basis of growth. And at the end of the day, that is exactly what we are all doing here; growing.

My name is Meg Christenson and I am lucky enough to be a member of Sigma Kappa. I went through the recruitment process as a freshman in 2017, and found the most incredible, indescribable women, that I get to come home to everyday. Within the chapter, I have served as the Vice President of New Member Education and am currently, writing for the National Sigma Kappa Magazine.

I will always be at a loss for words when it comes to my friends and family. Simply put, they are my structure, my motivation, and the very best of me. I grew up in a beach town, only a train ride from New York City, which inevitably opened my eyes to a multitude of different cultures, experiences, lifestyles, art, music, and fashion. My New York “playground” gave me the most amazing foundation, that ultimately made me fully understand the value of being part of something greater than yourself.

Bringing this sense of appreciation for humanity, love for individuals, and awareness of the world, to Athens Ohio, has been one of the most difficult transitions. Oftentimes I am left in my twin XL; confused, defeated, and mentally exhausted, but I have never stopped learning and the women of Sigma Kappa have never left me unloved.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, built up my strength, and given me the platform to speak my mind, thoughts, and feelings. I am humbled and excited to take on this role of writing for the WPA website. My promise is to always be honest and unapologetically myself. All I ask in return, is for you to acknowledge just how lucky we are to have this community of women that hold one another to higher standards, while empowering one another to be their best.

xx meg

-Meg Christenson, Sigma Kappa