Worldwide our definition of “normal,” has been flipped upside down and reconstructed. A lot has been taken from us in the matter of weeks and it is easy to find ourselves frustrated, confused, angry, and completely unsure. However, now more than ever is when we need to remind ourselves of our constants. The word constant is defined by Cambridge Dictionary as “not changing, or staying the same.” When everything in this world seems to be crumbling and out of our control, it is in my opinion, our constants that keep us stable. I have a long list of constants, but at the very top is my family - both the one I was born into and the one I have made for myself. Within this time of uncertainty; I have wiped my tears, discarded my anger, and have chosen to lean on my family, especially the one that I have created for myself. The family I have made for myself, are the ones I can relate most to during this unjust time; for we are all in the same stage of life, we all share the same loss of time, struggle with this transition, and have a love for one another that is comparable to no other.

The members of my family are those who I have found within our Panhellenic Association. They are the neighbors four doors down on college street that call me on the darkest of days to remind me of our best, the women from my rho gam group who have sent me encouraging messages to tell me they are thinking of me, my sorority twin who has given me a bracelet that reads “stay happy” to show me there is a light, and it's the 45 women I shared a painted white brick home with that start everyday with an “I miss you,” and end everyday with an “I love you.” It is these constant people and these constant little things that build up and push me forward with a positive mindset that everything is going to be okay.

With all of this being said, keep reaching out to one another, continue to believe in the strength of a community, know how loved and supported you are, remember the dance filled days and endless nights as we go through the roughest of days. We will have our times of defeat, we will have our times of triumph, and we will always find our way back to Athens. But in the meantime, my hope is that you acknowledge your constants and thank them with a full heart and a tremendous amount of gratitude because in this inconsistent time we must hold on tight to the remarkable people and things that will remain on our side even when the world is not.

xx meg

-Meg Christenson, Sigma Kappa